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The EEMOV NANO allows you to capture incredible video images without disturbing shakes or it is normally associated with hand-held video shot on the move. It is small and easy to use: open it, attach your device to the camera mount, adjust the balance and go.

The EEMOV NANO is collapsible to save space when you take it with you. It is easy to carry, easy to adjust and easy to make footages. It always comes in handy when big things happen to you.

Quick guide set up instructions and counterweight blocks are included.

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  • closed length: 195 mm
  • closed height: 114 mm
  • open length: 181 mm
  • open width: 189 - 225 mm
  • cell phone bracket: 127x12 mm
  • phone weight: 100-250g
  • "X" axis movement (from right to left): 30mm
  • "Y" axis movement (back and forth): 30mm
  • weight blocks: 8 pcs
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